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    Best way to do things

    Post by newbyb0y on Wed Mar 26, 2014 2:58 pm

    There are there main fundamental things that every player would need: Orbs, Spark and Heat
    This guide is mainly for the solo player.

    Heat: Mission 9-2 'Terminal Meltdown' gives the most heat for depth 24 since lichen are abundant with heat. Killing all and resetting depth takes up to 2 hours to heat your 4* equipment to level 10. This is a rough estimate.

    Orbs: Mission 6-2 'Sewer Stash' and Mission 7-2 'In cold blood' are your best friends. In order to fully utilize 6-2, you need to run through the first depth, break all boxes and reset the mission and doing it again. You have the possibility of getting advanced orb of alchemy and elite orbs of alchemy in 6-2. In 7-2, run through the mission and break boxes, you get elite orbs and eternal orbs of alchemy in 7-2.

    Spark of Life: See above for orbs

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